Introducing – Gratitude App

Okay, so I have a fun (and practical) post for you folks today.

Life on the road travelling can be pretty stressful, so hopefully this fun app will take away some of the strain.

Julius, the creator of ‘Gratitude’ has reached out to me via Twitter to tell me about a brand new travel and tipping app. Gratitude Tipping 😉

The app which helps teach you how to tip anywhere, anytime and in any language!

Pretty neat right?

My first impression of this app is that it truly is well designed with the traveller in mind… as well as the money conscious.

If you suck at Math like I do and struggle when it comes to tipping etiquette then Gratitude will fix the confusion for you.

Gratitude helps by calculating the percentage of tip required (if any dependent on your country of visit) as well as the currency conversion to let you know exactly how much your tipping in your own currency.

Gratitude takes into account the following:

  • Number of travellers
  • Rate of service ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Cost of bill

But not just food tipping, Gratitude also allows you to calculate tipping etiquette for other service such as Taxis, Porters and of course drinks.

Gratitude is free to download on both Apple and Android Smartphones and super simple to navigate.

All you need to do is set up an account with some basic details, email and your all set.

Another additional feature which I find awesome are the mini Travel guides of the country you’re visiting, even recommening local foods to try.

Very useful.

Let me tell you, with a trip to Norway and Denmark coming up, this app couldn’t have come at a better time.

With Scandinavia being up there as some of the most expensive countries to visit, I was curious to understand the etiquette of tipping.

Now I don’t need to worry.

I have already downloaded and set up my account and can’t wait to try it further on my travels.

So I would just like to give Julius a shout out for contacting me about this and a big Thankyou! I’ll certainly he spreading the word on my blog and social media!

Be sure to follow both me and Julius (Gratitude App) on Twitter too and send some feedback!

Sharing is caring! Gratitude Tipping

Happy travels folks xo

Sarah 😀

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