One thing I miss about Backpacking…

Having visited, lived and worked in many hostels I’m often pretty ‘shook’ and mildly irritated by how whiney and negative some people can be…

Particularly when hostels have the occasional wifi disruptions.

I’ve been backpacking on and off since I was 17, my first ever phone was a Nokia 3310 and up until I was 21 I didn’t even own a smartphone.

Now I’m not knocking the importance of anybody having a phone, they’re crucial for many travellers, we need them for communication and safety, navigation, transportation and even translating languages to name a few.

However I miss the days when people would actually just sit and chat, get to know eachother and share stories over a meal.

I’ll never forget my first time in Venice, we had a power cut, no tv, no Wi-Fi, no distractions. Just eachothers company.

Just me, Tessa from New Zealand and Emmi from New York.

The 3 of us had gathered around for a friendly chat and decided to hit up the local Venetian markets for cheap wine and fresh food and set up camp in the courtyard by the canals.

We sat and shared our experiences, laughter over food and amazing views.

Throughout the night other backpackers would join us, bringing their own food and drink to the table to share. Introducing ourselves throughout the night to newcomers.

By the end of the evening there were at least 15 of us, all of different nationalities, ages and backgrounds.

Another fun aspect was getting to know the locals aswel as the hostel staff. It brought a sense of unity and a family away from home.

That to me are what hostels should be about! I miss that!

Nowadays I barely see anybody interacting with eachother anymore.

Just sat alone, glued to their phones and laptops… complaining about Wi-Fi. Missing out.

I say cut the hostel staff some slack and have fun meeting new people.

The Wi-Fi will be back on shortly.

For now just enjoy an organic way of making friends and live life away from a screen for just one night.

….and fyi, everybody you see in these photos, I’m still in contact with to this day.

Via telephone, travels and good old fashion letters.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Happy travels xo

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