Feature Friday – South West Cornwall.

As you already may have heard, here in the UK we’ve been going through a scorching heatwave lately. The fiery sun warming up the pavements, goldening the grass and making some people appear almost lobster like here in the heart of Yorkshire.

Some of us Brits just can’t handle too much heat at times, unless you’re on a beach next to the sea being fanned down with the light sea breeze. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Yorkshire born and bred, and there’s nothing that quite beats a stroll in the dales and sitting beside a relaxing trickling waterfall, but sometimes, just sometimes you just crave the sea air. 😌

The husband and I coincidently had some time off work, and so we jumped on to the internet searching for low cost places to stay near the sea.

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With a busy year full of festivals and gigs we couldn’t afford anything big and out there. So, after a couple of hours in our red-hot house with fans blowing and stuffing our faces with ice lollies, we found it, our cheap as chips holiday spot, right in the core of South West Cornwall, Mullion.

There’s just something magical about Cornwall. It seems to have a magnetic force about it that keeps pulling us back down there. Full of story, history, myth and legend, oh and of course… Scones, Pasties and Cider.
The landscapes from ancient times visually transforming throughout all of time, from Jurassic beaches to the most exotic like sands which are almost silver and gold. No wonder pirates loved it there so much!

After a seven and a half car journey, Mullion opened its arms out wide welcoming us in. We arrived at our destination and pitched our tent. Even though we were a bit tired from travelling, we couldn’t wait to explore a part of the Cornish land we had never stepped foot on before.

Not so far away, a cove laid hidden between the hilly coast line, Poldhu Cove. A great spot to relax with a BBQ on the beach. A Surfers little paradise, with waves reaching a good few feet, the swell looked pretty tasty too.

Poldhu is a lovely little place which greeted all groups of people. I liked that it had an area for parking too.
After our first little venture to Poldhu we were ready for bed, we just zonked.

After a nice night’s sleep, we got showered and had breakfast. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. We could hear the goats from the nearby farm having a conversation. They sound so funny. Anyway, we decided it would be fun to go for a walk.
We ended up in Lizard, South Cornwall. We parked up in the village car park, which is free if you donate to the National Trust. We left our car safe and sound and wondered off down a farmer’s field which lead off onto a coastal walkway.

I got butterflies in my stomach, I could smell the sea air and a gentle breeze stroked my face, I felt so happy. Birds flew around each other and off into the bushes and the long grass which surrounded the pathway. After half of mile we could see the ocean, glistening under the sun.

People flocked over towards the cliff which made us curious and so we ventured over. There we made a new discovery, a beach, a stretch of golden sand studded with sea which was bluer than I could’ve imagined. An untouched spot, with beauty truer than ever seen before.

After taking in such a delightful view, we were eager to find more and so we rambled up the coast line. Just over the hill, and there in all its glory, Kynance Cove and Mermaid Lagoon luring us in.

We sat upon the grass on the hillside taking it all in, so many people from all over the world had ventured here to see this true beauty. The sea shimmers under the sun, dozens of people in the water swimming, paddle boarding, snorkelling and diving into the lagoon.

If you ever venture to Cornwall, Kynance Cove is a must go to place. I do recommend checking the tide times before-hand just because if you go down there and sea will come in quicker than you think.

There is a marvellous café, which sells very delicious, local ice-cream (Roskilly’s). They are very equipped, stocking wet suits and even body boards. The prices are good too. I also noticed about Kynance, there are showers, which is good for if you’ve been in the sea and happen to get sand everywhere. There are free toilets too.
To get down to the beach, it has quite an incline. It might be best that you contact National Trust for accessibility if you aren’t for the challenging rugged walks.

After a lovely time at Kynance Cove, we headed back to the car, we went the coastal route back which was about two miles back to the village of Lizard. It was nice stroll back, filled with natural beauty. By the time we got back, we were so hungry. We put our bags in the car and went for a nosey around The Lizard.

The Lizard is a nice little village. We wondered around the little winding streets, local folk chatting about their boating trips, and other stuff. We then stopped at an eye-catching cottage, hand painted from bottom to top. I loved it! Just had to take a photo!

At this point, our tummies were rumbling, had to eat. Just around the corner was a nice place called Coast Coffee Bar & Bistro. We got a table outside, and then ordered. Had fish n chips! Was so good.

After a jam-packed day at The Lizard and Kynance Cove, we just zonked.

*Seriously thankyou Danielle for an amazing piece, many of us often take for granted the amazing places we have literally on our doorstep.

Looking at these photos makes me think these were taken in the Mediterranean.

Have you guys visited Cornwall or Devon?

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