Tips from a minimalist – My Fall/Winter wardrobe

With my upcoming trips to Norway and Denmark coming up this Fall, I thought it would be a fun idea to put together together a ‘Scandinavian/Nordic inspired look book’ listing my already existing favourite key pieces from my capsule wardrobe.

For those of you who know me well, you will already be aware that my wardrobe is very stripped back and basic, owning little under 35 pieces of clothing. (Not including footwear)

I’ve held this method for years now, adopting the minimalist lifestyle, not just in fashion but everyday life.

Being a traveller/backpacker, this has also taught me many ways the importance of needs and not wants, appreciating the simpler things in life and that trends/materialism isn’t really all that important – to me.

When carrying out research for this post I noticed I gravitated towards a more Nordic/Scandinavian inspired style, consisting of a more timeless, cool-toned minimalist style.

By choosing comfort and practicality over fast fashion I have been able to recognise and withold my own personal style.

I was also inspired by French fashion designer and Youtuber ~ Justine LeConte, here I have included some of her informative and very useful videos about Capsule Wardrobe and Fashion Minimalism.

If like me, you’re not interested in keeping up with fashion trends and prefer to opt for more long term key pieces over fast fashion feel free to take note.

If you would like to know more on the topic of Fast Fashion please check out this other other video by Justine LeConte, How to escape the Fast Fashion Trap

So here are some of my simple tips and points to look out for as well as a fee photos of my key pieces.

*Remember, your wardrobe and style is personal to you, just because I’ve stripped down my wardrobe, it doesn’t mean you have to too.

My tips

Organise – Gather all your clothes and organise into a Definitely keeping pile, donate/sell/throw pile and a maybe pile, here are some key points to remember;

  • Does it fit?
  • Can you see yourself wearing it for years to come?
  • It is a seasonal garment such as a Wedding or Christmas etc?
  • Can you live without it?

Purging can be tough sometimes, particularly if a certain item holds sentimental value, no matter how much you cut down progress is a positive one.

Season – Nowadays there’s ‘seasonal wear’ for every occasion, Halloween, Christmas, Party etc, keep it simple with two, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Remember you can always dress up or down an outfit, with layers and/or simple accessories.

Simpifly – Of possible keep to a theme which you know works best for you, by decluttering you will begin to notice a pattern of what you find in your keep, discard and maybe piles.

Do you notice you have a pile of florals in your discard pile? I’d most of your ‘keep’ pile mainly monochromatic/neutral tones?

Neutrals – I find that when sticking to simple neutrals you can never go wrong, a crisp whit tee with a pair of nicely fitted jeans never fails, this can be dressed up with heels and nice jewelry, throw on a cute jacket and you’re good to go, alternatively you can keep it casual with sneakers and a good flannel.

My own personal style I find is pretty monochrome, mainly consisting of white, black and grey, very versatile and will match with anything!

Colour moodIncorporating colour into your wardrobe is definitely something I would recommend however, accent colours will always give your outfit that nice pop!

  • Are there any colours in particular that you find yourself drawn to?
  • Is there a certain colour that looks amazing on you?
  • Does it complement your hair/skin tone?

This is what I consider to be my own interpretation of a Colour Mood – Where I find that a certain emotion or season naturally draws me to a particular colour.

In Spring and Summer, I find myself drawn to blues and khaki tones.

In winter I’ve noticed I gravitate more towards dark earthy tones such as green, purple and navy – however never all at once.

For years I was drawn to greens and purples as my go to winter colours but now my ‘colour mood’ has shifted and after 4 years, I swapped my Green coat for a Navy one.

Do you have a colour mood?

Quality over quantity – Although not the most affordable way to build a long lasting and timeless wardrobe, quality over quantity certainly means more for your money.

By investing in some higher quality pieces you will find that they will last longer, are a better cut and the overall worth the higher price tag.

If like me you’re not made of money, when opting for ‘cheaper’ items, keep it classic, like a nice fitting black turtleneck or a great pair of well fitted jeans.

Layering – Layering will spruce up any plain outfit and even look like a totally new look.

When backpacking you learn some great tips on how to maximise and mix and match your limited wardrobe, like wearing a long sleeve under a short sleeve or a short sleeve under a strap dress and so on.

There are also tonnes of video tutorials on YouTube.

Hopefully these tips will help inspire you to take a look at your wardrobe and think;

  • ‘Do I really need all of this?’
  • ‘Are following all of the trends really that important?’
  • ‘Would I have more fun discovering my own personal style?’
  • ‘Can I afford to keep up with this?’

A clear space = a clear mind, plus think of all the extra cash you would save.

I was tired of trying to keep up with the trends, so I just stoppes caring and went for my own style instead… often drifting between Nordic Chic with a mix of Grunge and gothic elements.

So what does my Fall/Winter ‘capsule wardrobe’ consist of and what will I be bringing to Norway with me?

My Scandinavian inspired capsule wardrobe – Fall/Winter packing list

×1 Fleece lined, faux fur Navy Coat.

×1 Black Wooly Hat

×1 Black Fleece lined leggings.

×2 Long Sleeve Tops (Black and Burgundy)

×2 Sweaters/Turtleneck plain Black and a navy/white striped.

×2 Wooly jumpers, White and Burnt orange. (Adding a pop there☺)

×3 Short sleeve T-shirts, Black, White and Grey.

×1 Cardigan (Loose fitting)

×2 Jeans Black and Dark blue.

×1 Scarfe (Black)

×1 Sweatpants (light grey)

×1 Thermal leggings/tights.

×1 Pair of Comfy walking boots.

×1 Pair of White Comfy sneakers.

Now this may seem like a lot, but I’ve tried and tested and I’m able to mix and.match all of these items well together.

Of course I’m not asking you to do as I do… but I definitely recommend anybody cut down.

This is literally everything I own as my fall/winter wardrobe – which consists of about 18 pieces (Not including footwear and underwear)

Of course this is just my list, you may have whatever style and colour-mood fits you best.

You’ll be pleased to know that all of this stuff fits comfortably in my 20L backpack too.

*Tip – Wear your chunkiest winter items when travelling on the plane, that’s what I do when visiting colder countries. 😉

So what did you think to this post?

Was it useful? Would you ever consider a capsule wardrobe?

If so let me know and leave some feedback! I’d love to hear from you.

Happy travels xo

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