Eurostar – London to Paris

Whether you’re just passing through on your travels or fancy an impromptu trip away, its always a good idea to take advantage of a quick fire visit to Paris.

Say what? How?

Much faster than waiting two hours in the airport and considerably less hassle than driving, the simple solution is Eurostar.

Eurostar departs from St Pancras International Station and offers up to 15 speed trains per day, as well as train+hotel packages, perfect for a day trip or romantic weekend away in Paris.

Within 2 hours and 15 minutes you could be tucking into breakfast in Paris. Tres bien!

*Please note that train ticket prices will vary from the time of booking, generally meaning that the further in advance you book, the cheaper. Starting from as little as €56 each way (Standard)

Eurostar also offers 3 types of ticket/seating offers such as Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier, suitable for many styles and budgets.

However it is always worth mentioning to keep an eye out for any special/seasonal offers.

So how to execute this plan?

1) Plan your journey dates

You can book your tickets in advance and online, E-tickets are now available and can be sent directly to your phone. Easy!

2) Pack!

Day trip, weekend break or even longer! Be sure to check the local weather in Paris and pack accordingly. (Comfy shoes for sure) Just be mindful of the luggage allowance and make sure not to overload yourself.

Also don’t forget your Euros! 😉

3) What you need.

To check in you will be required to have your ticket and passport. Passport checks will take place at the check-in gates situated at the 5-10: Eurostar platforms for international trains to Lille, Paris & Brussels.

Give yourself time and allow up to 30 to 45 minutes before departure, purely to beat the busy queues and London bustle. (Ticket gates close 30 minutes prior to departure)

4) Check-in procedure.
British and French police will conduct passport and immigration checks at St Pancras prior to onboarding the train departing to Paris. Meaning no further further checks will be necessary upon arrival in France.

You can just get off the train and dive straight into the fun!

You can learn more about the check-in procedure here if you’re still unsure.

6) On-board.

Now the fun begins and you can sit back, stretch your legs and enjoy the journey.

With Wi-Fi, socket outlets and the on-board Café Métropole, you can enjoy light snacks and refreshments for your journey.

Or keep it simple with a good travel book.


Upon arrival, Eurostar will terminate at Paris Gare du Nord, right in the heart of the city (just a quick hop and jump on the local Métro for some city sightseeing fun)

Having a mini itinerary is always a great way to maximise your short time, unless you’re like me and just wing it.

Be sure to research metro costs and opt for a day ticket rather than single trip tickets. Trust me, less hassle.

Now the serious but other important stuff….

1) Don’t overwhelm yourself with the sightseeing, be mindful of just how much you can squeeze into one day (or weekend) remember you can always return.

2) Beware of pickpockets, particularly in crowded touristy areas, keep your valuables out of sight and wear a cross body bag if you have one.

3) Stick to the city, venturing further afield is not only more costly but time consuming too. (Plus you may get lost)

4) Research the museums and sights you wish to visit, do they have specific opening hours? Ticket prices? Queues?

5) Remember to alter your watch/phone one hour ahead (as to not miss your train back) unless on purpose of course. 😉

6) Have fun! Enjoy the sights, smells and sweet treats this beautiful city has to offer.

For those of you have visited Paris multiple times and don’t fancy back-tracking the usual sights, feel free to check out my other post Paris off the beaten track for other fun alternatives.

I hope you found this post informative as well as fun!

Final thought

It wasn’t until I was 18 that I realised that I could actually take a speed train to Paris! It was such an amazing concept to me!

Additionally this is also an excellent alternative for those of you who have a fear of flying!

Either way, you’re going places. Quickly!

There’s never been an easier way to step foot into mainland Europe with so little fuss!

I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Have you ever taken the Eurostar before?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Travels xo

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