About me

Hi I’m Sarah and I’m a York based travel blogger on a mission to see the world… but more importantly trying to see it differently.

Who am I?

I’m a 29 year old Aviation Operations Graduate with an interest in writing, travelling (duh!) and headbanging.

My Blog

On my blog I like to address topics such as solo/budget travel, real talk and of course encouraging a more minimalist living approach.

Material minimalism, maximum living… that’s my aim.

Where I live

I live in a beautiful city called York in the north of England. York in itself is a touristy, yet still so underrated city compared to London and Edinburgh.

Popular amongst musicians, historians and students alike, there’s a little bit of everything to suit everyone.

Prior to moving back to York I lived and worked in the United States, mainly around the San Francisco Bay area and Hawaiian islands.

My Work

Has taken me across the world, from working on behalf of an Australian Graphic Design company to a life at sea in the Pacific as a Merchant Mariner.

In previous years I have also trained as Cabin Crew as well as an Overseas Resort Representative where I was based around London and Manchester.

Lastly, before leaving my most recent job, I worked as a Hostel Receptionist where I got to meet and work with some amazing people every day. Truly a hostel dweller.


My hobbies are quite typical, as a creative person I enjoy amateur photography, architectural design, art and writing and most of all spontaneously planning and booking my next getaway.

Music wise, I’m a die hard metal fan and spent most of my teen years chasing my favourite bands around Europe, Such as Wacken open Air (Germany), Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium) and Bloodstock Festival (UK) 🤘


I’ve been married now for just over 3 and a half years to my amazing husband Michael, we met during one of my solo trips to the USA back in 2012.

In 2015 we exchanged our last £60 and secretly eloped at a drive through chapel in Nevada, afterwards we stuffed our faces with KFC, went on a mini road trip to Lake Tahoe and we’ve never been happier.

One thought on “About me

  1. Would be particularly interested to hear how you embrace material minimalism, something very important to me but a daily battle to implement. York is my favourite English city – loved it during my brief visit in 2017 for an art exhibition. Regards.


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