Paris off the beaten path

We’re all aware of the amazing sights and museums that Paris has to offer and I don’t blame the 32 million tourists that visit the city of lights each year.

Infact I’ve yet to meet anyone who hasn’t heard of the famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre to name a few.

I’ve only visited Paris twice so far, my first being for 3 days, so of course I crammed in as much sightseeing as possible.

So when returning the second time I decided to throw myself into some of the lesser known quirks and attractions Paris had to offer.

Here are some of my favourites.

1. Catacombes de Paris

Did you know there are over 200 miles of hidden tunnels hidden underground in the city of Paris?

Mass overflows of graveyards around Paris resulted in the bones and skulls being taken and arranged in these subterranean tunnels which date way back to the 18th century.

Inside you will see the walls scattered and decorated with skull and bones… eerie.

2. 59 Tivoli

Where art can be free in Paris, 59 Tivoli includes 6 floors of amazing artwork which decorates the entire building inside and out.

Once a former squat, this building was renovated into legal studios where artists can live for a small fee.

59 Tivoli exhibits are free and open to the public. You simply cannot miss this building.

3. Bibliothèque Nationale de France

National Library of Paris, one for the book lovers.

This library is the repository of all that is published in France, holding over 40 million historical collections as well as 14 million books.

This library is open to the public.

4. Le Mur des Je t’aime (The wall of love)

Built by Fréderic Baron and Claire Kito, the ‘I Love You’ wall is made up of 612 tiles of ceramic lava and is distinct by it’s reflective blue colour.

Created as a rendezvous for lovers, the ‘I love you’ wall is scripted with over 300 languages, including 192 languages of the United Nations.

A change from those love lock bridges.

5. Rue Crémieux

Rue Crémieux is a pedestrian street of private houses adorned with beautiful and vibrant painted exteriors.

Unfortunately a year after visiting I learned that the gates were to be closed on this iconic neighbourhood due to the influx of Instagrammers.

A perfect example of why it is always important to be respectful when you travel.

6. Paris Zero Point

Word is said that if you step foot on Zero Point good luck will bring you back to Paris. Much like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, visitors will leave wishes and coins.

This 8 pointed bronze star located just outside Notre Dame Cathedral, (supposedly) indicating the centre of the city of Paris.

Of course this post is barely scratching the surface on the amazing alternative things to see and do in Paris, however where would be the fun in me spoiling all the suprises?

If you enjoyed this post and would like to share some of your favourite quirky places in Paris, hit me up below in the comments.

I’d love to hear from you.

What are your favourite spots?

Happy travels.

6 replies on “Paris off the beaten path”

Some great tips. I’ve only been to Paris the once and got asked if I’d been to the Catacombs which I didn’t know existed at the time, it’s definitely something on my list when I go back. You’ve offered a few other good ideas that I’ll be checking out :)


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