My go to hair & skincare products for backpacker on the go.

My go to hair and skincare routine for a girl (or guy) on the go. As we know many of us will encounter varying types of weather during our travels. From the humidity and sweat of a Hawaiian summer to dry chapped skin in an Oslo winter. If you’re like me you may struggle withContinue reading “My go to hair & skincare products for backpacker on the go.”

Making Friends in Hostels (Even if you’re anxious)

Having being diagnosed with anxiety myself, I can completely relate to the struggles when trying to mingle and meet new people on the road. Always worried about making a fool of myself or being called out on strange habits… but the truth is, it barely ever happens. …and honestly that’s the beauty of travel. SoContinue reading “Making Friends in Hostels (Even if you’re anxious)”